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Wedding Dimension has moved – please find me here: http://weddingdimension.blogspot.com/

Really hope that you would hop over to the new blog and say hello 🙂


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I am slightly obsessed with birdies at the moment – just loving all the beautiful birdy throw cushions, prints, decor items that are available in stores. And now you can incorporate these cute winged fellows into your wedding. Just have a look at these inspiration images and tell me how you can resist it!

Happy planning!


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I am sure each and every bride has got herself addicted to Pinterest – which was not around whe I was planning 4 years ago *sob*. Pinterest gives you such a vast amount of inspiration, and you can probably find someone with your exact likes who have pinned an inspirational image that you’ll just love. 

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! Go check it out (after you have scrolled through my blog of course ;-p)

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Engagement Picnic

On Saturday, the 2nd of February, exactly 2 months after we got engaged, we had our engagement picnic. Picnic, you ask? As we wanted to convey the casual theme of our wedding to our guests we thought we would start with the engagement party and have a proper picnic!


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So, after nine years of living together, GV finally decided to ask me to get married! On our 3 day long December ‘holiday’ he went down on one knee after a fabulously romantic three course dinner on our private deck and made a speech that would melt anyone’s heart. I said yes, of course. Actually, I made him sweat a little first (after all, he did make me wait 9 years!).

The engagment site!

So after letting the parents know the good news immediately and all our friends the next day (sms is SUCH a wonderful invention…) we started talking about what kind of wedding we would like.

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