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Wedding Dimension has moved – please find me here: http://weddingdimension.blogspot.com/

Really hope that you would hop over to the new blog and say hello 🙂


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Hi all!!!!

I know, I know…. I am super bad 😦 Have not written anything for ages…….. Please forgive me; I have been settling into the ‘being married’ thing and did we start our married life off with a bang…………….

I am pregnant!!!!!! he he he!!!! Today I am 11 weeks & 2 days (you can do the maths if you want, won’t blame you 🙂 but was def after we got back from honeymoon!!!!!)

So between everything else, this has taken some getting used to. Not that we are not happy, it just happened sooooo quick!!!!!

I will start writing again soonest. I want to do a little research into the ‘post-wedding blues’ and will do an extensive post on that in the VERY near future!!! In the meantime, why don’t you tell me whether you think post wedding blues are real or imagined? Do you know someone who had it bad? SHARE PLEASE!!!!!

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Through the past year of blogging I have stumbled upon so many wonderful blogs by brides-to-be and other wedding fanatics. I thought I would share some of my favourites here today. Please go have a look-see and be inspired!


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